Undercover in Myanmar's Sin city where anything goes - BBC News

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Undercover in Myanmar's Sin city where anything goes - BBC News4
Illegal gambling, black markets and no government control - we take you to Mong-la...Myanmar's Sin city where anything goes. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOME DISTRESSING IMAGES

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Chinese are locusts, they devour everything in sight.

Author — MEN 101


China is the biggest threat to the wildlife in the world

Author — arindam barthakur


Here in the Philippines, we don't eat Sharks, Sea turtles, or Sting Rays, and Dolphins, But the Chinese big fishing Vessels will cross our territory to catch them, of course its against the law to enter one country for fishing, Philippines is so rich in Marine species but the Chinese are aggressive and no shame to fish in our territory.

Author — Ramon Galvez


China is a danger to all animals esp tigers ! They eat anything n make medicines of nearly everything. They dont even spare dogs, rats & horses !

Author — Byt


Funny isn't it - the BBC acting all righteous, but they are biggest lying, toxic, murder and war supporting propaganda ever known.

Author — waykiwayki


Just come to New Jersey. Gambling. Prostitution. Drugs. Cow Meat. Fresh cooked chickens. Roasted Pig. Fresh deer meat. It's just a matter of the wording.

Author — James Lyback


china and chinese are the biggest threat to nature...

Author — Abu Sunil


Myanmar, the most brutal, criminal, corrupt dictatorship... and yet, they are good friends with another criminal corrupt entity: israel... as the Myanmar criminal army was slaughtering the Rohingya and ethnically cleansing them, it was israel that was supplying them with weapons!

Author — cbx086


Chinese are like a bloody plague, a virus that corrupts. They never do anything honestly, always throwing money around to corrupt the next official of which ever country they are forcing themselves on. By nature they are a corrupt culture ruled from Beijing by the top commie Globalist dictator and general enemy of the human race and frredom, president xi. Look into his face and eyes and you will see pure greed thickly covered with contempt. And dictator xi wants to bring his new social credit system to a democracy near you with fine support from google, facebook allowing intrusion to your accounts. Despicable man of a despicable country and evil humanoids ready to spreadout and colonise the globe.

Author — Rockers2Rockers


The Caucasoids trying to call out the Asians, its like the pot calling the kettle black. Both group Caucasoid and Asian have no regard for the planet....consumption and destruction is their way of life.

Author — Claud Black


I dont hate chinese but i totally hate some china people they are dirty, they eat everything what people not suppost to eat

Author — Jamilkucing


Scum bags! These so called people are not human.

Author — OTTO


1000 of these mongrel "people" aren't worth one tiger.

Author — Brett Stanton


Chines are like bottom dwellers of humanity or something.

Author — Steve Wilcox


I sympathize with these people. I bet most western people.cannot imagine what it is like to be poor and desperate.

Author — Adam





God damn chinese. They will be ultimately responsible for the extinction of several species because of the demand for the useless traditional medicine.

Author — kuryamtl


As a foreigner living in China. It is not fair to only judge China for bad things happen in the world.

I do condemn animal massacres, dog killing, organ etc, invasion to small countries, illegal fishing.

But there are still innocent people live in China peacefully and not even knowing about what happen to the world. Or what their government do.
As long what I know. The people here are also innocent, most of them don’t eat dog. U can barely see dog meat in Chongqing city. They mostly are honest (for example they still tap the bus card even at some point they can avoid it because too many people inside the bus.), okay I dont talk about business people selling item). There are always some scammers I know.

They succeeded to make Panda no more endangered species.

They produce your items i can say 70% item u use.

The shopping system in China is the most convenient way in the world. By only wechat, u can do anything. Shopping things to your door.

There are a lot of geniuses young people from China nowadays. Lets say Jack Ma. DJI founder is also Chinese.

My point is.. dont judge entire country from a small perspective.
There are good people and bad people in everyside of the world.

Author — abraham limarga


nothing really shocking in this video. The things talked about are all over china as well

Author — 07clk350


Asian countries skin alive dogs and cats too...
Disgusting ASIANS...

Author — Wolf Lady

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