मोदी जी अक्साई चिन को चीन के कब्जे से कैसे मुक्त करा सकते हैं? इसके कौन से विकल्प हैं?

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मोदी जी अक्साई चिन को चीन के कब्जे से कैसे मुक्त करा सकते हैं? इसके कौन से विकल्प हैं?3.5
इस वीडियो में हम विकल्पों के बारे में चर्चा करेंगे, जिनसे भारत और चीन के बीच में सीमा विवाद को सुलझाया जा सकता है.

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Now Lets discuss about today's topic.
You may recall, After the loss of Aksai Chin in 1962 War, while responding to why India should not worry about Aksai chin, Indian Prime Minister Nehru has said in the parliament, 'not a single blade of grass grows there' .
To this argument, Senior congress leader Mahavir Tyagi pointed to his bald head and said, “Nothing grows here … should it be given away to somebody else?”

Though Mahavir Tyagi got the point straight, but Nehru was to determine Indian Policy. Hence, no serious effort was made to reclaim the lost Aksai Chin.

In fact, Nehru was very much correct here, Aksai Chin is virtually uninhabited, inhospitable terrain with less or no rainfall.

But P M Nehru should have rather asked a question to himself, even after winning the War, why China unilaterally vacated Arunachal Pradesh and its Tawang district, but retained Aksai Chin?

Now lets compare, Whereas Aksai Chin is a high altitude, barren and scarce in resources. Arunachal Pradesh is a low-lying region with suitable climate, fertile land and extraordinarily rich in resources.

The reason was, if you look in holistic viewpoint, the strategic importance of Aksai Chin is much greater than Arunachal Pradesh.

Aksai Chin is situated at high altitude and is closer to Delhi, making china a immediate threat to India’s sovereignty.
During any skirmishes between India and China, China can rush its army well into the heart of India in double quick time.
Yes, Aksai Chin acts as an unmanned Chinese satellite keeping a watch over the Indian’s activities as well as all over Central Asia.
In simple words, its Chinese buffer zone with India.
Besides this, Aksai chin allows China to exert much greater pressure on India in favor of Pakistan during any Indo Pakistan conflict.

Moreover Aksai Chin is very difficult to control from the Indian end, while it is easy to control from the Chinese end.

To give you an example, the construction of road connecting Xinjiang and Tibet cutting Aksai Chin started in 1951.
Such was the state of affairs at that time, India got to know about the existence of the road when China published maps stating control over Aksai Chin in 1955.

on the other hand, in case of Arunachal Pradesh situation is just inverse. its well connected to north eastern states. Yes, China found Arunachal pradesh hard to defend due to possible Indian counter attacks over long period of time.

Despite Chinese claims, there should be no doubt about the legality of Indian claim on Aksai Chin. Hence one of our esteemed viewer Rajeev Kamalasanan has asked, what Indian government is doing about this region?

Multiple rounds of Border talks have happened to resolve the world's longest border dispute. Right now, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is special envoy for border talk.

Since the diplomatic talk is going on, solution can be found by give and take approach only. Lets quickly discuss all available options.

First option is, India give up control on Arunachal Pradesh and China will give up its claim on Aksai Chin. but given the strategic importance of Aksai chin, when it comes to taking final decision, china would not agree to it.

Second option is, maintain the status quo and convert the Line of Actual Control as International Border. In this way, India will continue to control Arunachal Pradesh and China will continue to administer Aksai Chin

Third option is, India should launch armed campaign to reclaim Aksai chin. for majority of Indians this may be preferred option, but this option could turn out to be most unpredictable and costly to execute.

fourth option, keep on talking for the sake of it, and hope time will resolve the issue. this classic congress approach, even BJP government is following right now.

Fifth option is, Give up claim on Aksai Chin and give away Arunachal pradesh to China, and hope for friendly relationship with them. This is obviously the easiest way to resolve the issue with China,

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I m from Arunachal Pradesh and why we will give to china our Arunachal Pradesh its an one of the part of india

Author — Debashish Das


2035 tk aksai chin aur pok aur bluchistan aur tibit b bhart m hoga



अगर 1962 मे नेहरू की जगह पीएम
मोदी होते तो आज अक्साई चीन हमारा होता



Wo chahcha Nehru nahi chutiya Nehru tha

Author — Raju kharwar


अक्साई चीन पर कब्जा करने से पहले भारत को pok सहित पाकिस्तान के दूसरे हिस्सों को अपने कब्जे में लेना चाहिए जहां चीन ने envest किया है और अपने लोगों को बसाया। ऐसा मेरा मानना है 🤔

Author — Himanshu Hindu


सबसे बढ़िया ये की भारत को चीन के बीच समझौता करना चाहिए कि, , , , अक्साई चीन वापस दो वरना चीनी सामान आयात- निर्यात बंद कर देंगे।

Author — Ravi Kumar


क्या कोई मेरे घर के किसी हिस्से में कब्जा करे तो मुझे उसे दे देना चाहिए?

भारत को आर्थिक, राजनैतिक, सैन्य ताकत को बहुत तेजी से बडाना चाहिए।

सभी समस्या का हल निकल जाएगा।

Author — kamlesh kothari


गलत भ्रम फैलेगा इस विडियो को देख कर...कम से कम सामरिक व विदेश निति के मुद्दे पर बेबकुफाना अफबाह फैलाने से बचना चाहिए...ऐसा करके हम अपने राष्ट्र की सेवा ही करेंगे...रही बात अक्साई की तो भारत उसे देर न सवेर हासिल करके ही रहेगा....लेकिन अरूणाचल देने का सवाल ही नहीं पैदा होता है !
एक भारत-सशक्त भारत..जय हिन्द !!



में बताता हूँ भारत में चीन के सामानों को चीन के सारे products पर ban लगा दिया जाये तो चीन अपने आप अक्साई चीन छोड़ देगा

Author — sourabh tiwari


Papu Gandhi ko china ko de do or aksai chin lelo koi kaam ka nhi hai Papu

Author — Raja Paswan


पाँचवाँ तो विकल्प हो ही नहीं सकता।
इंडिया क्यों गिफ्ट देगा ?
आर्मी क्या चुड़ी पहन रखी है ?
आर-पार होगा सिधे।

Author — Ankit Kumar


चीन अरूणाचल प्रदेश को दक्षिण तिब्बत का हिस्सा कहता है पहले अरूणाचल प्रदेश बचाओ बाद मे अक्साई चीन के बारे मे सोचना ।



भारत को और कोई भी भूमि गंवाने की बात नहीं सोचनी चाहिए
किसी भी सौदे में अरुणाचल को देना नहीं है
अगले २०१९ के चुनाव के बाद आर्थिक मजबूती हासिल करने में लगना होगा
फिर चीन का उपाय चीन की भाषा में ढूंढ़ना होगा cpec को निष्फल करना होगा अपनी सैन्य शक्ति को बढ़ना होगा कि चीन अपनी सीमाओं को लेकर सशंकित रहे भारत विश्व की सबसे बड़ी शक्ति बन जाएगा तभी एक्साई चीन को लड़कर ले सकेगा

Author — Hem Srivastava


Tawang is more important than aksai chin.

Author — pulkit verma


अक्साई चीन को लेने से पहले चीन की बाजू पाकिस्तान से भारतिय हिस्सा छिनना चाइए ऐसा करने से चीन का एक साथ कमजोर हो जाएगा और चीन भारत को हल्के में नही लेगा उसके बाद हार्ड डायलॉग टेबल मीटिंग कीजिये चीन के साथ। इसमे व्यापार बन्द से लेकर युद्ध तक कि बात की जाए चीन डरपोक देश है वो किसी भी मामले में हमारा सामना नही कर सकता बस हमे हिम्मत करने वाला नेतृत्व चाइए ।

Author — yogesh aggarwal


China knows very well that war is not an option for China. If China fights India, China will be easily defeated by India on the Indo-TIbetan border. Only a fool will think of attacking India from the Himalayas because mainland China is separated from the Indo-Tibetan border by thousands of miles of treacherous mountainous terrain. The argument that China has built roads, is a foolish one .That is because during war, roads get destroyed. Especially, it is very easy destroy roads on mountains and high altitude areas. Also, mountain road once destroyed cannot be easily rebuilt. In a hypothetical scenario of war, once India cuts of the supply lines, how can any army survive without necessities, like, food, ammunition, petrol and rations? Also, Himalayas are a natural defence for India. Any attacker on the Himalayas will need five times the strength. That is, China will need an army five times bigger than that of India. The Indian army is the biggest volunteer army in the world. Hence, China can never dream of fighting a war against India. Further, if you add the regular army plus the reserves, there, also the Indian army is bigger than that of China.

The question on your mind may be the 1962 India-China war. There was no war. It was a one-sided affair. In fact India hardly fought. Traitor Nehru never wanted to fight. He refused to use the Indian Air Force against China. The Indian Air Force would have cut off supply lines from Mainland China to the Indo-Tibetan border. China would have surrendered. USA offered help for the Indian Air Force. But Nehru refused American help in order to please Communist Russia which was a close friend and ally of Communist China. At the end of the second World War, the Indian army was the biggest volunteer army in the entire history of the world including Alexander, Napoleon and Hitler. It was 2.5 million strong. But Nehru and his Defence Minister Menon reduced it to negligible strength. According to Menon, India did not need an army. With such fools in charge of India's defence, how could anyone expect India to fight any army, let alone China. In fact Menon wanted to convert the Ordnance Factories of India into coffee-machine making factories. When China attacked India in 1962, Menon was dancing in New York. Menon reduced the production of Indian Ordnance factories. India was short of material requirements during the 1962 conflict. Led by Nehru traitor, there were many traitors who played a part in betraying India during 1962. When the Chinese army crossed the Yangtze river, Tibet appealed to Nehru for help. But Nehru refused. Consequently, the Chinese army destroyed 3, 500 Tibetan soldiers. Nehru betrayed India not just in Tibet but also in Kashmir and in other matters.

China was defeated by the Sikh army of General Zorawar who forced China to sign the Treaty of Chushul in 1840s. Later on after 1962, China was defeated in two battles in 1967. After that China was outmanoevered by the Indian General K.Sundarji in 1980s in the Sikkim Sector. Now, again Dokhlam has exposed weakness of China. India has always been stronger than China, on the Himalayan border. That has been the assessment of all International Strategic Experts.There is a natural reason. Tibet is a cold desert. No army can fight against India from Tibet. The Indian Air Force will cut off supplies from Mainland China. Attacking India is one thing but sustaining further war is another thing. China cannot afford to fight a long term war with India. There are thirteen mountain ranges that separate the Indo-TIbet border from Mainland China. It is a distance of 2, 000 kilometres. Please think peacefully and rationally. Why did America fail to defeat tiny Vietnam? It was because America fought a war thousands of miles away from Mainland America. The same is the position of China. Chinese presence on the Indo-TIbetan border is thousands of miles away from Mainland China. If Amercia could not defeat tiny Vietnam from thousands of miles, then, how can China ever think of defeating a big country, like, India, from thousands of miles of cold, barren mountain area.

Stop thinking and talking about giving even an inch of territory to China. Take back the illegally occupied territories from Chinese control. If China wishes to negotiate, then, the talking point should be Tibet. Tibet was a buffer zone between India and China. If China wants peace with India, then, Tibetan independence should be restored. There is no other solution.If China demands any part of India, then, India should demand territory from Mainland China. Arunachal Pradesh is very much a part of India just like China claims Shanghai to be a part of China. Will China give Shangahi to India? Then, how can China dare to think of claiming Arunachal Pradesh or Aksai Chin? The only remedy for India is to increase its' military strength on the Indo-Tibetan border, in the Indian Ocean and in the South China Seas. India should step up its' cooperation with USA, Japan, Australia and France to increase its' military might and presence in the Indian Ocean, Malacca Straits, Maldives, North Africa.

India should step up its' vision and become a Super Global Power. China is going down econmomically. USA and Europe are turning towards India as a global hub of manufacturing and export. Chinese ecomomy will keep on declining. There will be food shortages and an economic crisis in China because USA has entered into a trade war. Europe is also siding with USA. Once Chinese economy declines, Japan and South Korea and Vietnam will also stop trading with China. China will weaken economically and hence it will not be able to sustain a big military. Already, China is cutting down on the strength of PLA. The future of China is not bright. Once China becomes weak, it will automatically, withdraw from Aksai China and Tibet. India should not worry about China. India should keep on progressing economically, technologically and militarily. China is not a big country. India will become the largest country in the world in terms of population by beating China, very soon. Also, in terms of land area, India and China are comparable because two-thirds of China (including Tibet) is desert area. The arable area of India and China are comparable. Sit quietly and progress peacefully with strong manufacturing and trade. The quality of Chinese goods is very poor. Made in India is superior to Made in China, Remember, that historically, GDP of India has always been more than that of China except for a short period in history during two centuries. India is resurgent, that is, rising once again, to claim its' rightful place among the comity of nations.

Author — Travel Time 53


China should give Tibet and aksaichin to India to have good relationship

Author — kanwar ajay mandyal SUPREME COURT OF INDIA


सबसे पहले चाइना प्रोडक्ट पर पूर्ण बैन इसके बाद पाकिस्तान अधिकृत कश्मीर पर सैनय कब्जा अमेरिकी कंपनियों और आयात पर धीरे धीरे बैन क्योंकि अमेरीकी कंपनियों पर जब बंद करंगे तो मजबूरी में अमेरिका भारत का साथ देगा डॉलर की कीमत जब काम होगी भारत से बहुत बड़ा व्यपार अमेरिका और चीन के आर्थिक तौर पर महत्वपूर्ण हैं इस बजाह से चीन और अमेरिका पर दबाब बना सकते है और पाकिस्तान को दोनों स्पोर्ट नही करंगे जिससे भारत का पाकिस्तान अधीकृत कश्मीर को बचाया जा सकता हैं उसके बाद अक्साई चीन पर भी सेना की मदद से कब्जा किया जा सकता है क्योंकि हम पाकिस्तान को आसानी ने हरा सकते है फिर चीन को भी लगेगा कि सेना से जीतना आसान नही हैं

Author — Pankaj Audicheya


क्या बोल रहे हो आप
कुछ समझ भी है आपमे
थोड़ी बहुत भी चीन के
बाप का अक्साई चीन और
अरुणाचल उसके बाप की
जागिर है क्या दे दे उसे
Gift मे ये भारत का अभिन्न
अग है ऐसा कभी नहीं हो

Author — Jd Bhai


Arunachal is not just a land, but a community of great people, and those people are Indians, it's their land, and not like anything which can be given to anybody as gift or something.
That day is no far when aksai chin(actually ladakh), will be India's and tibbet would be a great Ally of us.


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