Bill and Hillary Clinton launch their paid speaking tour

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Bill and Hillary Clinton launch their paid speaking tour4.5
Surprise, surprise: The Clintons ripped President Trump.

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I got news for you, Cat, when the truth finally comes out, you're learn that Hillary sexually abused and murdered men, women, & children too. MANY!

Author — Light Dancing


Killery is bloated and coughing up spit. Good thing the place was empty.

Author — Patricia Bilinkas


Two Of the most disgusting human beings in the history of politics and probably the history of anything

Author — Val Bagala


Who in their right mind would actually PAY to see and hear two slimeballs spew vitriol hate speech?

Author — Resolute Support


They started the tour in Canada because Trudeau invested millions more in their foundation. I hope he goes down with them.

Author — Craig Blake


The Clinton's are like a fart in a raincoat, they don't go away

Author — J4YBONE


3300 people thought it was a hockey game

Author — FAITHandLOGIC


the Clintons and the Obamas are vampires who feast on the corpses of unborn fetuses

Author — The Toxic Legends


3 300 attendees, that's 10 emails deleted for every attendee.

Author — naturalphilosophy


The Clintons are like herpes! They just will not go away.

Author — Justin Giffei


You dont need a back rest when your spineless

Author — Jacob Yonke


The ticket price got down to $4.90 and still didn't sell😂

Author — Pisstrooper pan shaker


I thought they canceled it because of lack of ticket sales! They are not relevant anymore! They should call it The Clinton club comedy tour because all it is good for is a laugh!

Author — Gregory Veenhuizen


Hillary looks more like Darth Soros every day.

Author — Darwin Penning


When you’re an x president and you go to foreign countries speaking against the sitting president, it’s called TREASON. The Dixie Chicks did that and they were forced out of country music.

Author — Tuxedo Cat


Yes I've had my fill of Hillary and Bill. I wouldn't pay $.02 to listen to either one.

Author — Steve Parks


The scalpers couldn't even sell them on the streets. For real!!

Author — Kingsway


Hopefully it’s there farewell speech as they get loaded on the charter to Gitmo

Author — Watcher 2


Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary threatened silence (or else) on all the women he harmed.

Author — Moon Over Miami


I guess they gotta do something since their "foundation" money has dried up!

Author — HypnoToad

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