Is Obama trying to reposition and rebrand his presidency?

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Is Obama trying to reposition and rebrand his presidency?4.5
Obama breaking tradition of former presidents and criticizes Trump during a public appearance; reaction from panel on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

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Obama couldn't reposition a cow to get chocolate milk from the back end

Author — the great douchebag douchbag


Obama is the only president in history to campaign against the incoming administration, he must be worried about his legacy

Author — Bruce Razor


Biggest fraud in USA history ! Good riddance traitor !

Author — phu cue


Obama is a disgusting traitorous sack of excrement and he needs to be brought to justice for his high treason.

Author — totalrandomcrap


No matter what he does he'll still be know as the fake failed president



He was NEVER a President of anything usefull. He was the President of Racism and Division.

Author — Lee Harvey Oswald


2016: Obama says _"How's he going to do that? Wave a magic wand?"_
2018: Obama says he's the one that waved the magic wand.

Author — Lucas Akame


Obama always represented the views of the leftist Hollywood elite and they are the ones who are ALWAYS trying to rewrite, or re-tell history.

Author — Christopher


He needs to just stay home with Michael... I mean Michelle.

Author — Paul None Ya


How ABOUT you stop covering him?
Give him no attention

Author — Brandon Charbonneau


Obambi realizes slowly that he was the lousiest president of all time and now he desperately seeks culprits.

Author — Joshua Kamenski


There is nothing Obama can do to rebrand his Presidency. The facts do not lie my friends. Oh sure he can take credit all day long for the economy but in the end it doesn't make it so, that is called delusional. Barrack Obama and his little Obamanites cannot stand that President Trump has accomplished so much in 2 years, it is literally eating them alive. So I expect nothing less from Obama at this point, he and Michelle must stay relevant and so he will continue to pop up and take his pot shots, but in the end deep down he knows he was an utter failure when it came to leading this nation.

Author — TheLeadSled


He should put his head back up his ass till he disappears

Author — Michael Shannon


Talk about a narcissist going to eat his words sooner than he

Author — ✭TommyUSA✭


Obama turned out to be a turd in the blanket

Author — Dwayne Cheeke


Obama needs to go back in the woods with Hillary.

Author — Walter Polk


No matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd.

Author — William Drylie


You wanna wrap your presidency in Toilet paper and call it a Poo
Bottom line you will be erased. Worthless human.

Author — Cass Johnson


Please stop covering anything the Obummers do. Nobody cares about these fools except for their fellow devil worshipping cultists.

Author — Jesus Christ


Let's keep it real: Donald J. Trump is without a doubt, the greatest President the World has ever seen. As a matter of fact, he has achieved more in 500 days than Obama did in 8 years. Obama actually Criminalized Journalists who didn't report the news the way he wanted. Obama tried to stay behind the Scenes to set up a shadow government to protect his legacy. He's also tried his dirty best to Sabotage President Trump's administration and its popular America first agenda, but he failed miserably!

Author — Hairy John

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