President Trump reacts to Michael Cohen's plea deal

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President Trump reacts to Michael Cohen's plea deal4.5

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If all this nonsense is over tabloid garage give the 20 million bill back to its owner not the tax payers . they've disrupted us for over 2years all for what 2year employment nice work if you can get it.

Author — Joseph Sperrazza


Watch Joy Behar have another premature on-air got

Author — JT Smith


He isnt smart person!! Really? But he is ur personal lawyer for years!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Long Pennis


Exactly... He's lying to get a reduced sentence. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — Jimmy Dank


The hatred and the vitriolic filth coming out of the mouths of these "so called" reporters is disgusting! 99% of them are unqualified to perform that job anymore. Just by listening to the biased slant of their questions, and the emotional hatred in their voices in the way they phrase their questions, clearly demonstrates to any rational person that they are EXTREMELY biased and their hatred for Trump is on full display. The culture of media reporters in America are completely out of touch with the citizens and obviously have their own agenda..and it's not for the truth or "so called" news.

Author — Superhero Armory


Didn't think it was a crime to discuss the possibility of opening up business in Russia before he was ever president. If Cohen lied about that under oath, that is his own problem. It has nothing to do with Trump. Are we going to jail everyone who has done deal with Russians? If that is the case there are a lot of people looking at prison time. Many of them on the left. Why is this a "bombshell"? This is just getting pathetic.

Author — Maryland Bass Hunter


Cohen lied before, now what all of the sudden he's credible?

Author — John Johnson


Cohen is in for a surprise when they try to yank the deal they've made with him like they did with Manafort.

Author — supernova743


I see the brown shirts are activated... You know you can report these negative statements...especially the ones stating harm against this President.

Author — reinfree


I love how the left is celebrating this "Victory" while not realizing Trump can use all of this as precedent for persecuting the Left for the next 6 years.
He can use the same tactics on them.
That used to horrify me. However, I'm getting tired of being horrified on their behalf. I'm starting to feel like we should just go for it.

Author — CustodialFather in Texas


Can't these reporters ask questions instead of arguing their own private opinions/views? These MSM people make me sick ...

Author — CrimsonTider1981


"I was the only person who ran a business AND campaigned." That's right, President Trump, the others are just leeches who survive on tax-payer blood.

Author — Voltaire


Cohen was threatened with 65 years if he didn't make mueller happy and lie his tail off. He gets five if he lies and makes mueller happy. Gee, isn't legal extortion by the corrupt-as-hell mueller just grand?

Author — Pro3110


Totally relaxed and completely in control. That is President Trump for you. He is not an arrogant, lying politician. That is what drives the Democrats crazy - and the fact they can't ride on Air Force One like they used to.

Author — violinhunter2


But the Dems love the fact Hillary and Obama sold uranium to Russia.

Author — kelperdude


Most of the comments on here are moronic.

Author — Julie Cramer


WTF is wrong with people? Democrats are so desperate and shamelessly so.

Author — Savvy Volley


TRUMP saving America from LYING Democrat scumbags daily!!!

Author — Improv Master


It’s amazing to see a President so engaged in his job and helping the American People. Obama never talked about anything except his Golfing with Hollywood and Globalists.

Author — Rock Roll


Lots of people pleading guilty in this "witch hunt."

Author — Chicken Ray

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