Priyanka Chopra Shares How Nick Jonas Made the First Move (Exclusive)

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Priyanka Chopra Shares How Nick Jonas Made the First Move (Exclusive)4.5
ET spoke with Chopra at a Bumble event in New York, where she opened up about dabbling in online dating before finding love with Nick Jonas. Chopra is an investor in Bumble and an adviser on their global strategy.

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She got beauty and brains....haters are jelous of this rare go girl😍😍#pcforever

Author — lil briwn boy


Mr Nick please don't cheat or ever leave her, take care of her 'till death do us part'. This is my prayer for both of you dt u will live a happy life forever💖💖💖

Author — for ever


Priyanka Chopra is a Beautiful great woman in the world God bless you ❤❤

Author — Fatima Mendes


I am curious if Priyanka Chopra will invite the Duke and Duchess to her wedding . It will be interesting to see if that happens.

Author — B R


She is blushing and that's the most beautiful thing about someone when they fall in

Author — Sushma T


Such a beautiful couple. Nick is handsome and Priyanka is gorgeous.

Author — Erica Doyle


Hot lady from the Baywatch movie, am I right?

Author — Mahmut Alendar


She is so natural! She doesn't even have any attitude or proud of her ! Go girl and god bless you both !

Author — Bhupali Baishya


Hey you reading this... Hi... Have a nice day😊

Author — # MJ


Pryianka Chopra has such a great personality and is so smart. It's refreshing to see a celebrity speaking with such awareness. A true sweetheart

Author — Sumaya Said


Indians all over jealous of her because she chose a younger and white guy over an Indian .it is funny but at the same time ... she is smart and playing great moves taking decisions as like this. Honestly, what Indian guy wouldn't want a younger partner and specially white. So stop bugging people and get it over with.

Author — Neptune Solo


Its really nice to see her happy in her love life! Congratulations to them both. Finding partners is really hard. I am really happy for them.

Author — Sunethra


Priyanka is so good. I hope Nick remains honest with her.

Author — jnm enterprises


All the positive coments for this its have never seen a youtube video with only positive you priyanka....This is it.... that you have achived....Proud to have you as an Indian citizen....❤... India thanks you all for your love to her....

Author — Dhanshree Gaikwad


i love how her cough came out so casually! is that weird??

Author — Safa RazviVEVO


I really beleive she is more into him then he is into her. Just my opinion.

Author — Liz Behrakis


Proud of u Priyanka Chopra gorgeous supertalented woman

Author — shayeree chakraborty


World most beautiful and Famous women is priyanka chopra

Author — Funny Cute


She is smart, pretty and nice. Best wishes..

Author — 1mikon


My sweetheart PeeCee is blushing. .. looking so beautiful .lots of love ♥♥.

Author — Stha Shila

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