NASA’s InSight spacecraft makes historic landing on Mars

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NASA’s InSight spacecraft makes historic landing on Mars4.5
NASA’s InSight spacecraft makes its historic touchdown on Mars after an epic journey of just over 300 million miles. Video courtesy of NASA.

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Nasa said they couldnt make it back to the moon, due to not having the technology, but yet they're making it to mars?!

Author — GyzmoThaAngelofDeath


Is this where they will be sending the leftests?

Author — Firebrand VOCALS


More lies from the masters of deception. Engineering your perception of reality

Author — watermanglenn1


Next : what's inside Uranus
(sorry somebody had to do it)

Author — aberreg


People here thinking that communication with an object this far away is instant. Information that takes light 4-20 MINUTES to reach (based on how far apart mars and earth are). It’s slow and tedious. You just can’t “stream” Mars. I swear the live comments gave me an aneurysm.

Author — Afterglow Kavan


I use to love watching this stuff until I realized its all faked.

Author — Tony Hind


So we can land a craft on freaking Mars but we can't secure our borders. Priorities People!

Author — Deplorable Asian


Fake holographic imagine, people don't believe these lies anymore.

Author — joseph Berry


No they didnt land on anything. All a huge lie. Wake up people and see the frauds for what they are.

Author — Patric Murphy


Another big Hollywood production from the forked tongue deceiver NASA. People need to start using their own God given senses and stop believing these liars.

Author — Sharon Watson


I can't help but chuckle at the people here commenting. The video shown was a visual representation of the landing not the actual landing itself. No one claimed it to be live footage it was basically for educational purposes. Obviously some are not that well educated.

Author — patrick beishir


Hehehe, hundreds of comments - all from flatearthers... Come to think about it, it's kind of sad. Where have humanity failed?

Author — DoomZoone


Absolutely amazing. Congrats to all at NASA.

Author — John Zappulla


That's it? One crappy ass picture to confirm touchdown? Lame.

Author — Red Cloud


Wow the comments section has been invaded by legions of the mentally ill and low-IQ.

Author — D R


It's hard to get excited about witnessing a room full of people witnessing it.

Author — JShaun


more lies on the taxpayers dime 4 lies

Author — c pavao


Martians are pissed about the incoming space junk LMAO

Author — Nuno R


The Universe is a small token of God's Glory. 🐱‍🚀

Author — Haemosu l


Spending trillions on this trip and there is Americans without food & homeless.

Author — Pete Martinez

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