Episode 8: Kris Jenner's Closet

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Episode 8: Kris Jenner's Closet5

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it takes TALENT to hook up your 20 untalented daughters with careers

Author — Bertha Lovejoy


i like the fact that she did not focus on mentioning the brands and the prices, all what she mentioned was memories behind each piece

Author — Jaballah Amal


Kris Jenner is a classy lady! NOT once she mentioned the price and brand, just amazing memories!

Author — Alidoen Dalaig


look at the whole drawer filled with birkins, my god i thought i saw 3 or 4 Himalayan Birkins. That is hundreds of thousands of dollars on just one rack. okay Kris, we see you sis.

Author — wendTEA


that look's like a department store bag WOW



My closet tour would take 13 seconds.... Heres my shoes, ignore the holes in the toe.. Heres my shirts, yeah I dry everything so there kind of linty... Oh yeah last but not least my faux fur jacket it was 23.99 at ross (winks)



I love how she refers to her first husband as “Robert Kardashian” (his full name), as opposed to Rob or just Robert. It shows the love and respect she has for him

Author — Jennica


She’s very humble. She recalls more on the memories in her collections and not the fancy brands and the cost👌

Author — Louise Fajardo


Lol this interviewer don't want to break ANYTHING!! And KrIS is so welcoming

Author — Erica Sunly


I love how Kris shows off such an incredible collection in a humble way! She honestly seems so down to earth and appreciative of everything she has and everything that has been given to her. So many closet tours just seem like a giant brag fest, but I could have watched for hours!

Author — A Vegan Peach Lauren Krysta


The only hand bag i have is $10 from Walmart..

Author — LUCY


You can tell a lot about a person by what they keep. That gift from mr. k was right up front. I liked hearing the stories behind the pieces. There is a lot of history in her closet.

Author — xfiler2013


Her closet is literally bigger than my entire house but I love that she didn’t brag even once! She seemed very great full and the fact that it took her 62 yrs to collect this is super inspiring ❤️❤️ also #friendshipgoals

Author — Neli Georgieva


Kris is very grateful and I appreciate that.

Author — Atticus Finch


Well she is the Mastermind behind The Kardashians/Jenner Brand...all those Kardashians/Jenner chick's should be Happy to have a Mom Manager like Kris....she should be called Boss Lady instead Momanger...🤔

Author — spicy1ize


I love how she reacted when she showed her gift

Author — Jovan Knezevic


Just they way Kris talks about her collection she sounds very grateful and appreciative. In my opinion she wasn't showing off or bragging. She's a lovely lady that has fabulous taste. I love her !!!

Author — moomookitty 1923


The sound when she closes the bags 😍 "pop"

Author — Laura N


I just love Kris. She is just so kind and she talks about everything with so much love 💕

Author — Suzana Todorovic


Okay mom when are you making a YouTube channel? I would love to see more kris! Your daughters are everywhere but you are such a sweet person and would loooove to see more of kris and her life.

Author — Lily Gibbons

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