Fox News keeps breaking its own rules

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Fox News keeps breaking its own rules4
Sean Hannity appeared on stage at a Trump rally before the midterm elections. It's the latest example of Fox News’ transformation from right-wing news network into full-on Republican campaign operation.

Fox News constantly accuses other news organizations of having a liberal bias, claiming networks like CNN and MSNBC are in bed with the Democratic Party. But over the past few years, major Fox personalities ike Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro have become more open about their support for the Republican Party -- appearing at GOP campaign events, speaking at Republican fundraisers, and even explicitly endorsing Republican candidates on air. Republican candidates have noticed, and have begun using friendly coverage on Fox as part of their campaign strategies.

Fox News is transforming from a right-wing news network into a full-on Republican campaign operation. Pretty soon, people like Sean Hannity won’t have to leave their studio sets to be on the campaign trail.

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My god, how is this legal. In most countries, this would be a serious election law violation. Hannity would be going to jail.

Author — Mod MINI


They really just need to drop the "News" from their name, change it to "Entertainment"
It's clearly not making anyone any smarter or well-informed.

Author — Ichijo Festival


The quick brown vox jumps over the lazy fox. 😂😂

Author — all things fascinating


reminder that the average foxnews viewer is 65 years old.
Foxnews is literally conning old people

Author — rachelmcadamslover


Police: Open up, this is the police! We have a warrant for your arrest!
Conservative: What am I charged with?
Police: Assault and battery.
Conservative: Did you know that left-wingers also hit people?
Police: Wow, great point! We'll just be leaving then. Uh, did you want the door open or closed?

Boss: The reason I called you into my office is because you've been out of work a lot lately. You've missed 10 days this month.
Conservative: Liberals miss work, too.
Boss: Hmm, you make a strong case. I'll let HR know that our attendence policy should be revised.

Tax auditor: Thanks for coming in, today. I know that being audited is not a pleasant experience, so I appreciate your cooperation.
Conservative: Of course, happy to help out. What can I do for you?
Tax auditor: Well, your tax records show that you haven't paid any income taxes for 2 years now. We can talk about some payment plans or maybe you can provide some paperwork we don't have?
Conservative: I'm sure you're aware that some Democrats also don't pay their taxes.
Tax auditor: You know, I never thought about it that way. I guess it's fine, then. Sorry to trouble you!

Author — Chad


"you must be immoral not to vote for Donald Trump" LOLOL

Author — Ji Hyeon Jung


Ironically the only real fake news station is the only one Trump endorses.

Author — Tiana Matson


I want to believe that ultimately Trump will be good for america. Because of the push-back obviously, not because trump is capable of doing something right, or well... ethical. All of my friends were talking about voting during the midterm. Normally, I don't even hear about voting for the primaries, and I barely hear anything on election day. Maybe, just maybe, america will come together as a nation again, to make sure another trump never happens

Author — Jack Gude


"Please write a bigger check than you thought you were gonna write"
What is this? The Michael Scott Paper Company?

Author — Forte Piano


_The problem isn't that Hannity got onstage at a campaign event. It's that Fox News _*_is_*_ the campaign event._ Summed up.

Author — memoryhero


I feel like we should draw a line between journalist and political commentator tho... it should be clear no one at Fox News is a journalist, at least on the major talk/commentary shows...
we should have a clear distinction of who are real, to the extent they can be neutral, journalists

Author — Shia labuff


Can’t wait for Steven Crowder to react to this

Author — Max W


Faux News is now officially the Pravda of the GOP.

Author — Kenneth McNeil


2.6K butthurt conservatives lmao. You Trump supporters are so easily manipulated. Trump could murder a child in broad daylight and you'd all still cheer for him.

Author — Anthony Mendenhall


7.252 Alex Jones fans didn't like this. They all think Hannity usurped what was rightfully Jones's and they just can't stand being reminded of it.

Author — WormholeJim


Fox News has lost it's shame! Anyone spotting
this shame should immediately call their bluff!

Author — vonsuthoff


WTF?? THIS VIDEO FOR REAL?? Hannity always said he's not a news journalist, & he's 100% open about being an opinion host. Hence Hannity is honest about who he is & what he believes... Unlike VOX, CNN, etc w/their hidden agenda's, anti - Right fake news & leftist propaganda.

Author — V. V


Let's be clear about something: were Sean Hannity an actual journalist, this video would have much more weight. However, Sean Hannity is a political commentator, not a journalist. This distinction is important since political commentators don't portray themselves as "objective" or are largely not perceived as such. There is no problem in having Hannity be open about his political orientation. In fact, it is beneficial that Hannity doesn't hide his support for Republicans and doesn't try to portray himself as a "truth-holder" who has an "objective approach".
I thought Vox of all people would be able to understand this, considering they are quite politically active and have a clear left-wing bias. In fact, some of the videos in the Vox channel could be read as campaign ads for Democrats. The difference between Vox and Hannity being that Vox seems to pretend to be unbiased and "objective".

Author — Paki


Ok, now when is Steven Crowder going to react to this?

Author — Mr. Logic


Fox News is pretty bad, like Vox, you are also pretty bad on that bias activity, I’ve caught you guys out trying to downplay Hillary’s political flaws.

but Fox News keeps getting caught out on talking way too much nonsense, they are specifically bad at news because they don’t really look at the substance of what they’re talking about, I feel like they react to stories before they’ve even given themselves a chance to understand what’s actually going down.

Author — Jorgen Pakieto

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