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MY TSUNAMI STORY actual footage4.5
Here it is. My story, from my point of view, about when I experienced the tsunami in Thailand 2004.

I want to show my deepest respect to the people who lost their lives or relatives in this tragedy.

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I really didn't need to hear about those poor kittens...

Author — WorldOf PaperCrafts


All Tsunamis produce their own natural warning system, even if you don't feel an earthquake. Water HAS to go out before it comes in. Shallow bays in these islands go out MILES, which allows you to perceive a tsunami long before it ever hits the shore. What happened here was the people on the beach were uninformed.
Instead of the mandatory useless airplane safety demonstration, why not a mandatory tsunami information demo on all flights coming into these regions telling people exactly what to do when they see a rapid succession of the tide?
They should have started running, a full several minutes before they did. Then, everyone could have escaped in an orderly fashion before the wave hit.
ANY bigger than normal waves in those islands should put you immediately off the beach and in alert status, until the threat passes.
I saw way too many people standing in the water looking around.
Tsunami sirens, and clearly accessible, illuminated and well marked escape routes from the beach to higher ground should be mandatory on these islands.
They are lucky this didn't happen at night

Author — EntertheStars RELOADED


Very sad story and your family where very lucky to survive that's more than I can say for mine we went to Phuket for Christmas that year and I was 10 then and me my mum, dad younger sister Lulu went to the beach while my older sister Flora and her boyfriend Tony decide to stay in bed and the around 10am that morning we see a wall of water coming to us and people started to run so we ran and we then heard the water smash into the hotel and my mum tripped while running and told us to keep going. We sent the next few days looking for my mum, Flora and Tony and we find Tony in a hospital then we find out that my sister Flora didn't make it and my mums body was never found and I still miss them to this very day.

Author — Zilock 4288


I don't understand the part about donated clothing for "those of us who lost everything." Isn't it the Thai villagers, not visiting tourist with a bag of their things, the ones who lost everything...?

Author — c k_


Rescuing your sister has got to have been one of the most heroic as well as devistatingly horrifying events just about anyone outside of emergency responders and military personnel could ever experience. And you helped that woman as well.

Author — Pat Bubba


The parents ran off without gathering up all of their children? 😳 I can’t understand that at all. What kind of parents run away without making sure they have all of their precious children?

Author — J McIntosh


Thank you for your story. Such a horrible thing to experience, especially for a child.

Author — Sean McClary


I can't imagine the image of a little girl crying with a tsunami aproaching, it's amazing how you all survived, almost like your sister went to look for you so both of you could live. You have a beautiful family, and I don't know if I should congratulate you or say you're lucky, all I can say is seeing that last picture, I'm really glad all the people in that picture exist, and I'm sure you do too.
Your family survived one of the worst natural disasters in human history, I hope you keep that strength in every aspect of your lives.

Author — Tomás Allende


Sounds like your mother abandoned all of you.

Author — Wolf Hound


Your mother and father left you and your sister alone and run for their lives? Good Lord. What a caring parents they are.

Author — Marina Stante


What a burden it must be for your parents to wake each day and remember that they abandoned their children in a time of chaos. I don’t know if I could live with myself. I really don’t.

Author — Jenny V


The mom left the 5 year old in the beach?? Good thing sis saw her. They all are so lucky!!

Author — Annabelle T Naidoo


You are an incredible story teller. It felt like I was in their experiencing the same terror, same panic, same relief that you had experienced. You just earned a new subscriber. And my heart is filled with joy for your family making through this ordeal. God bless you. I hope every survivor went to a therapy after witnessing this. I cannot imagine the shear amount of nightmares one must have after facing this kind of natural calamity.

Author — Muggleborn Hufflepuff


Great mother leaving her 5 year old behind and running for her own life omg can you credit it?

Author — Judi Jones


It made me so sad to hear that your parents ran without you and your sister. I would die for my children. I would take all their pain and sickness for myself if there was a way to do that. I could never imagine leaving them in a situation like this. It makes me tear up thinking of it.

Author — cbsusieq


Why did the father got mad with the hotel messenger warning them of an incoming tsunami ?

Author — J3AN P3T3R


Shame on all you negative comments. God be with you Lisa. HUGS

Author — carlton90602


Dethär gör så ont i hela mitt hjärta.. Mitt älskade Thailand.. Vi får inte heller glömma de hem som förstördes på öarna och hur det påverkat dom idag .. :( Tack för att du visar dina följare om hur det kan se ut i andra länder och att vi ska vara glada över hur man ändå har det i Sverige.. <3
Starka starka fina Lisa.

Author — Pimpiina


The father simply saved the most important person to him, his son. The daughters, lots of luck.

Author — gingerginger999


How come we never hear an explanation as to why her mother ran off ahead of her children?

Author — Baked Patticakes

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