Fallout from Germany's migrant influx

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Fallout from Germany's migrant influx5
U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell analyses Angela Merkel's political decline since the country took in more than a million refugees.

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Thank God Hillary lost. She would have been Merkel 2.0

Author — For Me To Poop On


I am from italy, i talk with migrants... they are 99, 999% male, young, and they want to be superstar... they put their picture on facebook in front of a shop with lots of food... but in reality they are begging in front of every supermarket, asking for money but doing nothing the whole day. THIS IS REALITY. let pope francis keep 2 millions migrants into vatican, if he really love them as he speaks.

Author — Carlo Fanni


Our grandfathers and fathers shed blood for THIS?

Author — Turd Ferguson


That women single handed destroyed Germany. America can’t even take care of our own citizens, how we gonna take care of the world. Build the Wall.

Author — Jersey Devil


The stench of obama lingers on an on an on.
Eradicate communist and Islamist from America.



Merkel did to Europe what Obama and California is doing to the USA

Author — Bob Fish


Sweden, France, England... these immigrants are all coming to white majority countries. Nobody wants to go to Central or South America or Africa or the Middle East

Author — Larry Maggard


I’ve been to Germany recently, and the amount of middle easterns in the streets there is crazy. And they’re not that kind. There’s tons of violence issues as a result. Strong lessons to be learned from that for the U.S.

Author — collin


_"Migrants" is a vague, meaningless term._

*_"Islamic Terrorist Invaders" is more precise._*

Author — CommandonerBob 1


At least Hungary and Poland are smart enough to say: "No thanks"

Author — Chris Petersen


I would never vote for someone like Merkel. She is a traitor to Germany

Author — crystalmtn01


Merkel had a big heart! What a joke. Politicians never do anything out of the goodness of their hearts. This is an intentional extermination of the Germany.

Author — aa a


First step in fixing the immigration problem: BULLDOZE THE UN INTO THE OCEAN‼️ 🙂

Author — ZealfortheCross


Germany should be for germans. It's ok for germany to preserve their genetics. It's ok for them to remain predominantly a white Germanic nation. It's ok to refuse to succumb to a backwards ideology. It's ok for europe to be European. Its OK to refuse to import the THIRD WORLD.

Author — avenger


Merkel single handedly destroyed Europe.

Author — Lee Harvey Oswald


Create problem ... deny, deny, deny .... till reality bites. Steps down and let others clean up your mess. ... way to go Merkel. and for the rest of Europe too.

Author — Stephan C


Germany is now ruined. It will never be the same again. One person started a rot in Germany and it will never recover!

Author — Bill Murray


Migrant invasion, Trojan horse, New World Order, it's not rocket science.

Author — Chainsaw Surgeon


I remember seeing thirsty Muslim men throwing away bottles of fresh water handed to them because the bottles had a red cross symbol on them....They are terrible self serving hateful people

Author — Shadow Banned


Someone smart once said “you learn from your mistakes but it’s better when you learn from someone else’s mistakes”.

Author — LetMeSeeThis99

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