How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News

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How Viral Videos Masked a Louisiana Prep School’s Problems | NYT News5

This portrait of T.M. Landry emerged from interviews with 46 people: parents of former Landry students; current and former students; former teachers; and law enforcement agents.

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I've literally never watched a video on this channel, but I'm glad this one's the first. Gotta agree with everyone saying that it deserves to be a feature length doc on its own

Author — Ray


A private school targeting black kids in a big garage with classes with no teachers and a 100% college acceptance rate and a pastor-like guy running the place; how could you possibly not realize something is up.

Author — NegatingSilence


Please do a full-length investigation and documentary on this. I am shocked and disappointed.

Author — Kai Loki


I'd like to see a full investigation. There are plenty of schools that are adopting new "unconventional" tactics to teach students but this does feel odd. Students teaching themselves? In a warehouse???

Author — Kelsey M.


No one questions that the school is in a warehouse.

Author — Mastro


Falsifying applications is definitely illegal/against the rules. And I have no question that guy is abusive. Be as "unconventional" as you want, but you don't get to break laws. These two scammers are a giant X on the Black community. Black kids can make it to these colleges on their own merits, but you've done it through lying & abuse. Not a good look.

Author — MsNooneinparticular


This is seriously troubling and deserves a full, documentary-length investigation.

Author — Sarah Thompson


This is so horrible - they cheated an entire generation of students out of an education. They ought to be sent to prison and forced to pay for each of these child's education and tutoring

Author — rlp230


If it's too good to be true then it probably is.

Author — PornHubChairman


this is horrible. media needs to investigate before promoting. thank you, NYTimes for your investigative report.

Author — Amin Biglary


100% acceptance rate. Really that doesnt raise any red flags.

Author — Mitchell Monroe


Teachers without certifications is a red flag!

Author — Lucky Kitty


So for the kids who went on to these ivy leagues school (if they could afford it), did they end up completely flunking out because they weren’t actually educated on the things he lied about on their applications?

Author — Capgungoesbang


Imagine how dumb recruiters at these IVY league schools feel when these kids get to their first semester and realize they can't do 9th grade level math and can barely read.

Author — Vincent Diesel


This is utterly sickening. You can't scam a child out of education to make money. I hope they are charged with something and must refund tuition.

Author — Celeste Snyder


The next question is why did Harvard accept students from prep schools like these?

Author — alonzo slade


This is why I seriously believe that schools that aren’t public need to be thoroughly investigated and inspected. Or that all students who opt out of public schools should have to take a minimum proficiency test in math and reading. Like “what is the bare minimum a 7th grader should be able to do”. And then if you don’t meet a certain standard, your opt out status is revoked.

Author — Zach T


Mister Landry looking like a thin Steve harvey

Author — WhatThe WHAT


I wonder how many dropped out of college because their education wasn't up to par because of TM Landry faking their transcripts

Author — povang


can you interview the students who are now college freshman?

Author — soSTYLISTICglyni

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