Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Made Their Own Couple Nickname

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Made Their Own Couple Nickname5
Nick Jonas reveals how he first met Priyanka Chopra, shares details about their engagement and tells an embarrassing story about spilling beer on Michael Keaton twice.

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Made Their Own Couple Nickname


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If Nick didn't propose to her by singing "mujhse shaadi karogi?", what's the point of all this?

For non-Indians: Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (translation: Will you marry me?) is the name of one of Priyanka's earlier Bollywood movies and there's a song of the same name in the film

Author — Hammerhead Morty


Priyanka is very strong and intelligent woman ! She will manage all !! Just have love love love !!

Author — Nirmit Gupta


Nick you're such a real man, who is full of quality. You picked a women who is breathtakingly beautiful to settle down with.

Only a real man can see a women's value. (her heart, soul, spirit, character) Real men don't want the youngest they can get, to feel more like a man. They want someone who is enough. Someone who they share real love with.

I wish you 2 a lifetime full of joy ✨🤞🏽⭐️



He is so mature.. He is respectful towards indian culture, he prouds to have her .such a lovely sole nick Johns from india

Author — Meenakshi malav


I was never a fan but I love them together! 💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕

Author — Margie Cieslinski


Imagine the song that Nick's gonna write for their wedding. Romantic as f***.

Author — Kings of Country


*their nickname should be PicNic* who agrees ? 😂😂 jk

Author — Menime Em


NEVER had I imagined, while watching Camp Rock or The Jonas Brothers and Aitraaz or Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, as a kid, that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra would be a couple.

Author — Ayesha Tabassum


If a men married 20 years younger then him, why not women . I’m so happy for priyanka and Nick, god bless and stay blessed.

Author — Happy Rai


I absolutely ADORE how he whispers 'She's here' to jimmy! One can see how much he loves the fact that she is!

Author — Lowlyf Fangirl


He respects her culture it makes my heart go out to them #couplegoals

Author — victoria gomes


Nick is way younger than Priyanka but he's a very mature man, so I think they are very lucky to have found each other. For me it's very interesting to marry someone from different race because it gives you a family with diverse culture.

Author — A New Love Official


Hey guys. Let's not talk about religion stuff. What matters is He's keeping his religion, she is keeping hers. She respects his religion, he respects hers. Isn't that so nice of both of them!? 😃

Author — Mri


I saw some people commenting about the age differences, races, disgusting, Look at real story that was happen in France, A 15 year old boy who loved his own school teacher of 40 years age, Despite his parent's opposition, he married her when he turned 18, Their age difference is 24 years, The boy none other than current French President, Emmanuel Macron, But their love still alive He is 40 now she is 65, When this equation works why not Nick and Priyanka's

Author — Justy


I love the fact that Nick took the time to actually learn more about Priyanka’s culture and connect more with her background!!

Author — Sara Creations


Congratulations both of you... PRICKs 😅👍!
Stay blessed 😍

Author — Tech Buddy


The second time when he said, She's just the best...He didn't say it for the audience or Jimmy, he literally just mumbled it for himself....It was so adorable.I hope they last.

Author — tashanmann05


I love his attitude towards indian culture! He’s so mature and such a darling !

Author — Kim nandwani


He's the whole India’s “Jiju” but still some guys would be like “Hum mein kya kami thi DIDI?? ” 😂😂

Author — Tae’s BAE


2 times he said "she is the best" he is madly, truly, deeply in love wid priyanka 😀❤

Author — abhik deopa

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