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Unlike all of the other proof over the years about the moon landing hoax, this video will examine how NASA themselves have inadvertently admitted that we never went to the moon nor are we still able to go to this day.


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interesting to see how brainwashed some Americans still are... but these are the same who think that USA had to invade all countries they did in the past for the purpose of peace :D

Author — Armin Hirmer


The statement that we need 6 feet of lead to get through the van allen belt is a flat-out lie. The van allen belt is not an x-ray zone. It is a charged particle zone. The analogy with x rays is therefore false.

Author — David Kessler


I have a life, and im not going to waste more than i need too to explain why your so incredibly wrong.

Step1: physics
1) resistance: tell me. Why is a plane sleek. Why is it not shaped like a brick. Why does it fall out of the sky when the turbines are shut off.

Answer: Drag. Anything with mass that passes through a body of gas will be subject to resistance. This is why it is impossible to establish a locked orbit in atmosphere due to the simple fact that the satellite will decelerate and fall back to earth. And surely your not proposing that the ISS is fake?

2) Radiation: cosmic radiation covers the entire spectrum of known radiation, and even some unknown types of radiation. Everything is affected by it. So why weren't the astronauts affected by it?

Answer: They were. The shielding on the capsule's was so thin that the astronauts were slightly irradiated. When they got back to earth they had to undergow multiple medical evaluations, including measuring their dosimeter and fighting off radiation poisoning.
Infact there is even a recording of the capsule emanating an eery noise as it crossed through magnetic focal points between the earth and the moon.

3) thermodynamics: i dont even know where to start with this one. Everything he said in the video was incorrect. Even a simple google search could have corrected those numbers. But heres the simplest explanation for you bumfuq logic.

Answer: heat shielding. My friend. Heatshields are used during take off and landing to circumvent exposure to extreme heat generated by friction.
Airodynamic fairings are used on the way up, then deployed once out of the atmosphere.
Ablators are used on the way down to prevent damage to the casule whilst passing through the upper atmosphere.

4) technological: All the tapes and recordings of the various different moon missions are available to the general public. So are they fake?

Answer: simple as cake. NO! For one simple reason. We did not posses the kind of technology required to seamlessly edit the video to such a degree that Hollywood practical effects are believable.

5) Earth Orbit: humanity has never left earth's orbit and therefore cannot have gone to the moon?

Answer: sorry, but what is a moon? A moon is a large gravitational body that orbits an even larger gravitational body that is defined as a planet. The moon is locked in stable earth orbit. Which also means that yes, humanity has never left earth's orbit. Even to visit the moon, because the moon is in earth's orbit.


1) Froidian Slip: you cannot excuse half a centuries documented progress for a simple slip up of the toung. You cannot look at me and honestly say that you have never accidently said something using the wrong context.

2) context: you have litterally scoured those clips and extracted statements that only support your theories without even acknowledging what is stated during the rest of the clip.
You have also warped the context of what is being stated into a completely different meaning.
Effectively a deceitful practice thats equivalent to lying.

Finishing statement:

Honestly you tarts seem to want it to be fake, so much so that your willing to abandon even simple logic. Hell, 6 year old me could have debunked your theories as easily as kicking a ball. If anybody here honestly believes that humanity has never left low earth orbit, then you need to go to your library and learn a thing or two. Because all of this this is just stupid.

Author — Alex ledger


"The problem is that NASA seems to have an answer for every single one of them"
So, if NASA has an answer for every BS argument you bring up to claim the moon landing was a hoax, it MUST be a hoax.
If NASA doesn't have an answer for every BS argument then it ALSO must be a hoax.

Author — Mark van Slooten


I don't understand science so it must not be true!

Author — Freshtex Blackman


If we never went to the moon, how was Michael Jackson able to learn the moonwalk

Author — swadey 2.0


Why do you tell lies?
Why do you take things out of context? Why do you only show edited clips?
Why do you tell lies?

Author — wong


I believe that not only did NASA fly Neil Armstrong to the moon they were also able to fly a film crew there first to film them land on it.

Author — 101Tony


Considering the number of people involved it is pretty astronomically impossible that no one has ever come forward to deny it happened. Real life isnt a james bond movie where the villian apparently has hundreds or thousands of henchman that apparently stay 100% loyal and never get caught by police and give them the information for a lighter sentence.

Author — kingstew2000


There are some suspicious Apollo photos that appear to have been doctored or shot in a studio, but many of the points this video focuses on aren't correct.
For example, he makes a point of saying that it's joke to claim we "lost the technology, " but what is meant is that without the Saturn V, we don't have lunar injection lift capability. The technology exists on paper, but we'd have to build many expensive machines and the infrastructure to support them to start launching Saturn V's again.
The argument about radiation is important, but the solution may be that astronauts headed to Mars will be exposed much longer than the few days it takes to reach the moon, so the shielding must be much, much better. The Apollo astronauts probably would've died had a solar flare hit during their journey.
Finally, the point at the end about the LEM melting is silly. First, the LEM was inside the third stage during launch. Second, the air density at those high altitudes where the temperature is above 200C is very, very low, so there would be little heat transfer to the LEM. In fact, the entire spacecraft would probably pass through those layers before any measurable transfer had occurred. At 1000 miles we're talking a very small number of particles per square cm or inch.

Author — Fred Andrews


This is a good example of ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ why don’t satellites melt? Answer - radiative cooling. Your click bait title got me... but not your incredibly poor science and misinterpretation of comments..

Author — Malcolm Connah


the soviet union picked up the radio transmission from the moon independently, how could they do that if it were faked? remember, the soviets were the enemy during the space race

Author — WarioGiant


I don't get people that could possibly believe such preposterous theories like the moon landing was fake or that we haven't been there. We have put 12 people on the moon and there have been 6 manned moon landings. There are countless photographs and videos of each landing. Why would NASA and our government try to fake such a thing and how could they possibly coerce all the thousands of people involved in getting us there to form a conspiracy? You sir...are an idiot.

Author — Joel Driver


Sad that youtube give space to junk like this! The Chinese sent a satellite to the moon and took thousands of photos including some of the Apollo landing sites. These clearly show the debris and tracks left by the astronauts. More importantly, these photos match exactly to the photos taken by the astronauts when they left the moon. The Japanese also sent satellites to the moon and have mapped large areas of the moon in 3D. The Japanese 3D model exactly matches every single photo that the astronauts took of the moon landscape. These findings have been examined and verified by scientists the world over as undeniable proof that man landed on the moon. But no, there is always some uneducated, and extremely self important conspiracy 'theorist', who do not and cannot accept the truth. We landed on the moon, so take your tiny little insignificant pieces of scrapped together 'evidence' that says we didn't, and which doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny, and f off.

Author — Warren Bjorkman



Author — Kll Kll


Amazing that some people still believe that the government doesn't lie. Let me rephrase that. The US government lies every day!

Author — Jimmy Catalina


I really can't tell whether Apollo missions were a hoax or not .
But there is one thing I know : TEMPERATURE IS NOT EQUAL TO ENERGY.
When this guy states that the temperature of thermosphere and exosphere can go up to 2000 degrees C, and concludes that the materials would have melt, he is completely wrong.
I can go in sauna where the temperature is 80 degrees C. But, I can NOT go in a bathtub filled with water at 80 degrees C.
Why is this ? After all, if my thermometer indicates 80 degrees C in both cases I should have the same experience in both cases no ?
Well, NO. The quantity of energy per unit of volume in the water is much larger than the quantity of energy per unit volume in the air of the sauna ( even with vaporized water ) .

Author — Didier Grosjean


Wow, this is almost as nuts as the people who tell me my job is fake and I'm a liar because humans have never harnessed the atom (I work at a nuclear power plant). Well, I guess we've all got a right to have an opinion regardless of how looney it may sound.

Author — Jason Johnson


You know, I could mention how it was the Apollo rockets that took us to the Moon, that the Apollo rockets were One Time Use Only rockets, and that we no longer have an Apollo rocket in our possession. I could mention that NASA was defunded causing us to hitch a ride with the Russians just to get to low Earth orbit. I could mention that the problems NASA is trying to solve is how to build a rocket on an Extremely limited budget that can accomplish the same job that the Apollo rocket performed. Hell, I could even ask you where the hell you got your dramatically inflated distance and temperature information. However, I'm only going to Ask you one thing . . . . .

Why can't you believe that God exists AND that Humans have the capability to travel to the moon at the same time? Why do you insist that the existence of God negates any and all forms of Science? Why are you so adamant that the Bible is law and must be taken literally, and anyone who says a single thing differently is lying?

Author — Andy Walker


Excellent video - keep up the great work. Truth is hard to accept, but once people break away from the programming drummed into their heads, they too will be able to see the 'virtual reality' in which people have been programmed to believe in today.

Author — Crisis Actress

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