Breaking News: These Are The 6 Cars That GM Killed Today!

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Breaking News: These Are The 6 Cars That GM Killed Today!4.5

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Cadillac Ct6
Cadillac Xts
Buick Lacacrosse
Chevrolet Volt
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Cruze

Author — Oh Yeah


got screwed over by gm back in 94 and have not and will never buy another gm car or truck with some luck they will start selling cows and chickens or maybe firewood

Author — mike merry


Volt competitor for prius... really... In Australia the volt was $60000 new... Prius.. $25- 35000..this is what happened in Australia. with GM HOLDEN after they scrounged money off taxpayers in Australia to produce unsellable large sedans then recently closed up shop. And instead of defending their shitboxes why don't you proud americans talk about the 22 mill dollar payouts to their ceo's while normal factory workers are losing their jobs.

Author — fast torque Drifter


The problem with GM is their marketing. They never reinvented themselves to appeal with every generation. They lost their grassroots. A simple good ol’ American retrofit to each of their vehicles would spark the market. Look how well the Vette and Camaro did. Dropping RWD in the Impala was ignorant. The lacrosse needed AWD OR RWD with a less dull design. It’s sad to see GM lose to import manufacturers because the ceo and marking team can’t get their act straight. Even after a tax payer bailout. I’m pissed. Such bulls**t

Author — Patrick Mccoy


G M is a joke. They get a huge bailout and massive government subsidies and still produce trash vehicles.

Author — John Findlay


I think GM is making a mistake here. Not everyone wants a SUV nowadays and when the prices of gasoline skyrocket again, people will be wanting their cars and not their larger SUVs and trucks. Cars also handle a lot better than the taller SUVs. I would rather drive my 16 year old Monte Carlo than my mom's Equinox. The handling is way better, because your center of gravity is lower. GM should have lowered their high prices on everything. Maybe then their sedans would have sold better.

Author — David Benson


Engineers at Chevy need to step up their designs... Too many little issues in my past 5 GMs... O2 sensor, ignition cylinder, tpms sensor, ac compressor, engine selenoid, light sensor, oil in the coolant!!!, etc... I bought my 3rd Honda now

Author — RobReports


I stopped buying GM cars years ago. Owned a Chevy Impala and constantly broke down. Bought a Toyota Camry never any issues, other than common maintenance. Sorry GM, you lost when your quality went down when the bailout happened.

Author — John Clamshell SP


RIP GM, this is what happens when you let a liberal manage a major company

Author — Dusty Gadsby


GM should just go bankrupt. All their cars have been garbage after the 2000’s !

Author — Bilal Ahmed


RIP Chevy Impala . Another large comfortable American sedan bites the dust.

Author — 111danish111


From the company that brought you the Vega. This is what happens when you let a bunch of bean counters run a company.

Author — Brian Allen


I leased a 2015 Impala new & liked it so much I bought it when the lease was up. I drive from Ca. to AZ every week, and at 80mph it's only tacking 1800 rpm's and getting 30 mpg in absolute comfort. What a nice vehicle.

Author — Jerry Byars


Im sad to see all these cars go. I like sedans better :/

Author — Johan Lagerkvist


Can y’all not act like the XTS LACROSSE and IMPALA aren’t the same car

Author — PaulJ 1123


I cannot Express the sheer amount of anger and hate I have for this crossover/SUV trend.

Author — EagleTalon 97


Impala and volt are both shocking. The volt is an excellent vehicle. I felt like it was the perfect compromise between green electric and long term use. Shame to see it go.

And Impala? One of the most recognizable nameplates GM has, been around longer than the Silverado, suburban, Yukon... just sucks.

Author — Banner1986


Maybe if they made cars like Toyota and Honda the last 300, 000 miles people would buy more Chevys

Author — Chris T


It's not necessarily that GM Ford or Dodge cars are mostly crap (they are)... It's because car dealerships ruined the finance market. You walk out paying 30 grand over 6 years for a Ford Focus or Chevy Malibu worth 10 grand 6 months later. They call you and harrass you until you give in. They send you through 7 people during the finance process to distract you from changing your mind. Like you're important. Like you're really accomplishing something in life. The finance process alone is a scam. Many people also got screwed over by these cars that they are cancelling which is why they don't sell them anymore especially the Chevy Cruze. I've seen a Cobalt break down in a fast food drive-thru.

Author — Phone Number


It seems to me that the only sedans and coupes that are selling in the modern era are the sportier, retro inspired models like the Dodge Charger/Challenger, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, etc. Even the luxury market is dominated by contemporary SUVs. If GM were serious about selling sedans, they would reintroduce a retro inspired version of the Pontiac GTO or Chevy Chevelle SS to compete with the likes of the Charger. Of course, when weighing risk vs. reward, the bean counters are always going to play it safe.

Author — Scott Giorgini

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