Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande5
Ariana Grande transforms Drake's "God's Plan" into an epic '90s diva hit and Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE." into Evanescence-style goth-rock in the latest edition of Musical Genre Challenge.

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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande
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💬 Comments on the video

Ok but can we just talk about how amazing that band is for improvising all that?

Author — ANNSQ


We definitely want Ari's cover of 'God's Plan' in '90's Diva' don't we??

Author — # Sweetener


Her dress is legitimately bothering me right now

Author — Rachel Stelling


I love this vid I’m a bit confused about the dress but her voice was killer

Author — Keren Sandoval


85% of comments:about airana’s dress

5% of comments:how much they loved the part with gods plan and humble

10%:we need to get Ariana some glasses

Author — Astrid Ceballos


good to see that Ariana Grande reuses her second grade formal dress

Author — isell theboots


How does Ari make 9-year old dresses look stunning 😂😂

Author — Ryan Toast


It looks like her legs go all the way up to her chest

Author — Ricardo


“I tHiNk We AlL sInG”

No Victoria..

Author — Ellisia Lumpkins


Uh am I the only one who needs a full cover of humble from her.??

Author — India Cruz


I need waaaay more Arianna singing in goth rock tbh

Author — Deborah Blakemore


I just realized ariana is just wearing a skirt

Author — ZeusJuicy


*Only she could pull off that babydoll dress🎀*

Author — Thegirlkeke


What's up with ya'll comenting bad on her dress, I think it's remarkable how she can run back an forth, dance and even get down without flashing, dam! You go girl!!

Author — Crizul Pujol


Who here skips jimmy’s part!! 🤪🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Author — Ms. EssentiaList


Ari is really talented​ but damn she need glasses!!

Author — Vijay Chaturvedi


Seriously that dress looks like it fit her when she was 2.

Author — Styles 94


ariana singing humble in a goth rock style
like if you agree

Author — anselme le quellec


I honestly wouldn't go for a dress like that, but she pulls it off.

Author — moondance111905


I was waiting for Despacito but nopeeee

Author — Bitter Sweet

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