G20: Trump leaves Argentine leader in the lurch - BBC News

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G20: Trump leaves Argentine leader in the lurch - BBC News4.5
President Donald Trump prematurely left the G20 stage following a handshake with President Macri of Argentina.

The US leader was expected to remain on stage with the host for a G20 "family photo" but had other ideas.

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Well, thats what old people do, they just wander off

Author — The_Boss 365


An Argentinian porn star had texted him from a hotel nearby

Author — tayfora


America is really sick of Amateur Hour. Let’s never elect someone with no leadership skills again. We must be a really stupid nation to let this happen.

Author — Mark Lanzarotta


I wanted Trump to Moonwalk back like Michael Jackson. 😆

Author — Lucky Ladies


So this is the guy that half of the U.S. decided was presidential

Author — Tony Sparks


Perhaps he needed to go to the powder room to apply some more orange.

Author — Edmund mcwilliams


Maybe Mr Trump thought it was his graduation

Author — taufan ajie


Putin urgently needed his shoes to be polished, Bigley!

Author — nick281972


I apologize for the inexcusable behavior of my LOW CLASS president.

Author — Sheeana Brugh


Thats what happens when you open the buffet early

Author — Air Federo


*A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep.*

Author — TW E


Clearly shows the downfall of leftists rather than covering bigger BBC comes with this....and this is the best you can pathetic.

Author — KHOPRI


That's how you behave when you're strong. Weak people act like the guy left on stage alone, while Trump was already going where he wanted to go. Leaders lead, they don't follow.

Author — Jason Devon


If he didn't inherited all those millions from his father (+ corruption, etc.), he would be absolutely nobody!!!

Author — Brainstorming Plus


This fool doesn't even belong on the international stage.

Author — Rocky B


Tramp, the eternal clown, making Hollywood look incompetent.
Just one over-sized bag of childish arrogance, never missing an opportunity to make a fool of himself

Author — world peace


And the reward of the Best Clown of the Year goes to Donald Trump!

Author — Zainab Jaafar زينب جعفر


Damn... BBC is just as bad as CNN when it comes to reporting news.

Author — American Paisa


Demented old fart, always wandering off, did same oval office several times forgetting to sign his comic book declarations he loves soo much..

Author — Brian Allwood


He's a dotty old man with all the social grace of a sack of weed killer.

Author — Nguroa

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