Corsi looks to file criminal complaint against Mueller

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Corsi looks to file criminal complaint against Mueller5
Jerome Corsi has instructed his attorneys to file a complaint with Acting AG Whitaker; reaction from National Security attorney Brad Moss and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz.

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Good for Jerome Corsi. The man has integrity and a set of brass hammers! I long to see Mullet in prison!

Author — Tyson Harris


Look at all of the people that have lied to the FBI and never got anything but a slap on the hand if it was one of the democrat leaders but if they can make someone out to look like the may have lied and they are republican, they get unlimited solitary confinement and their lives ruined!

Author — Claude Bessette


Time is proving Trump 100% right. This investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt.

Author — arinabee2


Do it! Stop being bullied by the left!!

Author — Rachel X.


Mueller and his KGB clan have got to be stopped

Author — Warren Parker


An investigation started without a crime

Author — Seminole Nation


FINALLY!!! Someone with some courage to stand up against the corrupt special counsel and the DOJ!!!

Author — EmmausRoad


What the hell does someone lying about their taxes have to do with Russian Collusion; nothing more then a fishing expedition.

Author — Joe Norris


Good! I hope mueller goes to jail... his criminality unreal

Author — J LY


Mueller has gotten in over his head. Trump and his team knew their moves all along. They dont realize they lost on election day.

Author — Jay Clark


Good. Extortion and bribing witnesses is illegal. Muller is one of the biggest criminals in Washingtoilet D.C.

Author — Draka Von


Corsi should do it. Mueller is so dirty.

Author — Reena Heenan


Mueller is going to looks stupid when all this is done.

Author — CNN SUCKS


Yes Sir Mr Corsi, fight the good fight!!

Author — Mary Robinson


Trump should pardon everyone and investigate Mueller.

Author — Gary Biggs


Hope Corsi sues criminally and wins; and then sues CIVILY and receives a judgement entry in a generous amount.

Author — Doug Shaw


Proud of this man, yes I prefer to go to jail then lie under Oath, to God.

Author — Elisapeta Ludlow


Mueller needs to be held accountable to the law.

Author — Misaka Mikoto


Send Mueller to Jail for corruption, he's obstructing the course of Justice.

Author — Hairy John


Witch hunt on Trump is a waste of my tax payers dollars

Author — Whitney Graves

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