Lemon: Trump seems rattled by Cohen's reveal

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Lemon: Trump seems rattled by Cohen's reveal4
CNN's Don Lemon breaks down the big revelations from President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen about plans for a Trump building in Russia. #CNN #News

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That manafort clip gets me everytime lmao

Author — Black Mamba


20 years from now Cohen will be doing interviews as our generations Deep Throat.. Robert Mueller will be remembered as a true American patriot.. And Trump will be remembered as a treasonous trash bag

Author — Seven Nine Three


So Trump supporters
How's that Nothing Burger looking now
I've started celebrating
Cheers 🍻🍷🍻

Author — cathyannkailee


“No collusion” will be right there next to “I am not a crook” in the history books. What a loser.

Author — LanceHenryPT


Mueller is smart. Trump isn't but thinks he is and that's how it'll end.

Author — Kim Hoffmann Andersen


He lies like a 4 year-old, it's incredible.

Author — M. Dieng


I wish someone would make a cartoon book of the Constitution so maybe Trump will start to understand the Constitution.

Author — Grace Franklin


He might start a war in Ukraine. Be vigilant.

Author — k odu


Trump supporters are literally shaking!

Author — NPC .000000beta


When will the Repubs turn on Lord Marmalade?

Author — Perry Walton


This orange POS lies so much he conficts his own lies... DAFUQ 🤣

Author — Sumumma Bish


I think Trevor Noah summed it up best. "We have seen what Trump looks like when he's 'winning, ' now we get to see what Trump's like when he's losing."

Author — Akademee


CNN is fake news and propaganda for the American SHEEPLE.

Author — The3rdeyedontdie


Who's lying? Trump's blame game!
Bye bye Trump.

Author — Pat Marcy


The conviction is for a lie about a date when Trump was trying to get a deal with build a Trump hotel in Russia that didnt go through. That was it. Does CNN want to tell what exactly he is being charged or continue to be vague to garner a story that this could possible, at all, effect Trump? Because it doesnt.
How many lies did the Clinton group lie about and Clinton herself, MULTIPLE lies and shes walking free? Oh and her lies were about her own crimes and violations, not someone elses. So yes, Not sure how FACTS are attacking Lemon?!

Author — jabberwolf


CNN seems unhinged by Trump. This big story is another nothing bugger that CNN has lived on since the election. Years of hate have destroyed a once great news outlet. Today CNN is just lousy version of Pravda.

Author — Thomas Gassett


CNN left out one very important information. COHEN RECORDED EVERYTHING, and Mueller has those tapes.

Author — elitepanda3000


Where is the proof that Russia interfered with the US election? Show us! Two years and still nothing.

Author — Eddie Nwese


CNN is losing sooo much money obsessing over Trump. They will be bought out by Trump Corp soon. Ha ha....

Author — Dave Schultz


The real crime here is that McConnell, Ryan et al and the GOP have aided and abetted, sucked-up to and pandered to this POS and his criminal gang.

Author — P. Underwood

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