Melania Trump gives tour of White House Christmas decor

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Melania Trump gives tour of White House Christmas decor4.5
First lady Melania Trump gives 'Fox & Friends' co-host Ainsley Earhardt a behind-the-scenes look at the White House Christmas decorations and shares her holiday message to Americans.

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I think she's an amazing first lady. She's treated so unfairly by most of the media.

Author — Drew Jackson


I may not like the PRESIDENT, but Melania is awesome!!!!

Author — Me Me


What an elegant and beautiful Christmas decorations

Author — Elba Winkelspecht


She barely speaks english yet trump is a racist LMFAO

Author — Oscar Restrepo


So graceful and pleasant! God bless Melania! ❤💚🎄🎄

Author — Mbula M.


What a gorgeous, meek, classy woman. I love her accent& the decorations are beautiful. Happy holidays to our president, 1st lady& to everyone else. ❤💕💕🌲🌲

Author — ladyofwisdom2


If Michelle Obama would have been in only one nude photo nobody here would be saying that she was classy . Hypocrites

Author — Barbara Linares


So great to see warm comments. I'm so tired of reading comments putting down our president and family. Well done Melania 🎄



Every room she decorated represented our nation and our military deeply and beautifully. Every detail had a story behind it. And it looked absolutely stunning.

Author — Katie Drake


Nice to have a news network that isn't negative about a US president.

Author — Richard's World Traveler


The White House Christmas decorations were gorgeous!!

Author — Barbara Lawlor


So glad we have her in the white house and not the other women. She sounds so sweet the way she talks

Author — Red Lemon


BEAUTIFUL first lady 😍😍 and So ELEGANT!!

Author — Sonia Medrano


She is a First Lady a real First Lady

Author — Grigorios G


Both of those women are very very beautiful, and full of class. Wow

Author — Beastmode -


looks classy and amazing, the Christmas decorations look amazing also !

Author — MsJony1234


So beautiful and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Praying for you in Jesus name for protection.

Author — Barbara Dejaynes


Gorgeous and Classy First Lady. The most elegant and classy White House Christmas I’ve yet to see. Well job done Melania and to all the volunteers!!!

Author — Austyn Lynch


Please bring classy educated Michelle Obama’s back! ✊🏾

Author — nickelwindow53


Wow! Melanie is beautiful and has a beautiful voice. She is smart, has class and is caring. The White House looks amazing! So elegant!

Author — b kelly

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