Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 12/27/16

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Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 12/27/164
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We need a "1000 degree knife cuts through Antarctic Ice shelf" video

Author — Keystone Science


My theory is that we were wrong about Santa's work shop. It has been in the South poll this whole time!

Author — Jonathan Stoffer


1975:we will have flying car in 2018

2018:earth is flat

Author — Mo Syakib Sr.


I like how no one in the comments takes this seriously.

Author — The Chief


"...The larger the land mass, the more mass it has...." I'm done.

Author — J Guenther


Wasn't there a ufo stuck inside ice in the first Ice Age movie

Author — Jeffrey Serrato


It’s where the KKK live

The Kool Kids Klan you wouldn’t know about that tho

Author — Tim TheAutist


Am I the only one getting random stuff from years ago in the recommended?

Author — Law


I love your videos I hoped the government don't kill you

Author — deadisland_demons


The fallen angels are imprisoned there



"Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica"

Author — Demaunix Animations


Have you see what going at google earth . They have blurred everything’s out so you can only see white blurred pictures when Zoomin . What going on are google earth covers up things that the Government does not want to know about

Author — Julie Taylor


Aliens must be upset and curious as to why these little earth people are
Shooting these large dildos into space.

Author — Tommy Aventador


The object in question is:

*The Earth.*

Author — Dave 5400


Didn't you see the GI Joe movie? There's a whole Cobra base under there. No but seriously... Now it's a blown up wreck, so there "was" a Cobra Base 😋

Author — Jay Taber


Makes me wonder what John Kerry was doing down there on election day. The 'official' reason given was to investigate climate change. Really? The secretary of state? During the election? What else was he 'investigating' maybe...

Author — Obscure Shadow


Okay, so I was really enjoying this until you started saying that a US navy fleet was "Attacked" and "Nearly destroyed" on there expedition. 13 ships, god knows how many men... 0 casualties and 0 ships lost... How the hell was this "Nearly destroyed"? And Atlantis? Dude, I love Star Gate as much as anyone else but I don't claim that it's real. Your channel looked SO cool until I heard the end of this video.

Author — jack banton


The Pope recently visited Antarctica. Something definitely going on in this underworld. Pack up, pray up! Ask Jesus Christ into your heart to be your personal Lord and Saviour.

Author — Jesus Christ Is King


Doesn't Antarctica have no magnetic field over it? Wouldn't that mess with the instruments which are used to measure gravity.

Author — NoCopyrightMusic


Has a lisp, has a YouTube channel believing that UFOs have visited earth, thinks that a gravity anomaly is because of aliens. What has the world gone to?

Author — FerretEggs

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