Can Russia Invade Europe?

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if Russia was to invade Europe, how would it do it and could it do it at all?

In 2017, Russia conducted a series of military exercises known as Zapad, or “exercise West”. With their roots in the Soviet Union, Zapad military exercises have traditionally been shows of force, meant to let NATO know that Russia was willing and ready to fight. Despite assurances that Russia's 2017 Zapad exercises were nothing more than preparations for counter-terror operations, an exercise that was supposed to feature only 10,000 personnel turned into a 100,000 strong mock-invasion of eastern Europe with one clear message: Russia's military might is back. Today, we look into a very scary scenario, in this episode of The Infographics Show, Can Russia really invade Europe?

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia's military severely atrophied, and despite remaining a sizable force its readiness and capabilities were all but defunct. . After such an embarrassing performance, Vladimir Putin vowed to improve the readiness and capabilities of the Russian military, culminating in a ten-year modernization push that has yielded huge results. While still mostly a conscript army, Russia's military is seeing a huge expansion in the size of its volunteer forces- an important development given the drastically better performance and morale of an all-volunteer military force such as the US' versus a conscripted force. New battle tanks and fighter aircraft have also dramatically improved its capabilities both on the air and on the ground, and while its fleets remain a glaring weakness, they would ultimately have limited use in a European battle. Russia has also dramatically improved its logistical capabilities, something that it has historically struggled with even under the former Soviet Union. Heavy road transport units for ferrying armor to the front lines via road networks has reduced Russia's reliance on rail transport to get its tanks to the front lines, with rail lines being a natural first target for NATO bombardment. Russia has also doubled down on the one area it has traditionally outperformed NATO in, ground-based anti-air platforms. The introduction of the S-400 and the future deployment of the S-500 anti-air defense system has given NATO planners serious concerns, and with a range of up to 250 miles (400 kilometers), a single battery of S-400 units can threaten large swathes of a European battlefield. Russia has also invested heavily into modernizing its non-strategic nuclear forces, outpacing even the US in this arena.





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I see we have a great, knowledgeable audience here 👍I love reading your comments which elaborate even further from our infographics! Do you think history was a good enough teacher to not let it happen again? Furthermore can you think of a better purpose to harness all means (money, manpower, science, technological advances) that are usually used in war?

Author — The Infographics Show


Oh yeah Russia wants to invade Europe that's why it put its country next to all those NATO military bases.

Author — 50%russian 50% polish 100% proud


Listening to more of this, is clearly anti-Russian propaganda. They aren't going to invade Europe. Want to know why? BECAUSE THERE'S NO REASON.

Author — KevvyLava


The ultimate winner of a war between Russia and Nato is China

Author — Nicolas B


Finns will deffend whole europe. No worries.

Author — Allan Survo


Its being invaded already it's not the Russians!!

Author — Dan Yall


The anti Russia hysteria just keeps going and going... will it ever end?

Author — J*


Could Russia invade Europe? Yes.
Will they? No.

Author — Schoon Reviews


Só many triggered russian bots in the comments

Author — AyyLmao


I'm russian. This video is good. I go drink vodka and dancing with bear. Goodbye suka blyat)))) (im real russian)

Author — Онемэ


Russia can't invade Europe, because russian tanks don't comply with European emission standards. That would be illegal...

Author — CMD Def


You should change your channel name to "The Warmongering Channel"

Author — Tom H


This video points out the fact that most of NATO doesn't pull it's own weight. Not a Trump fanboy, but he was right to criticize them. That said, I don't think Russians are the evil bastards the media wants you to believe they are. In war the enemy is demonized to make them psychologically easier to kill and our media sure loves to demonize everyone, even good people. Where's the infographic about how Europeans are suffering from record high crime because of the migration crisis? The real threat is when European governments refuse to protect their own people from Sharia law because it's "racist" to admit that many Muslims refuse to peacefully integrate into Western society. You know the denial is bad when the UK's Sadiq Khan was stupid enough to suggest a ban on knives. You have gangs of young men making police look like fools and driving them off with just rocks. You have no-go zones where police simply admit they can't protect you. THAT is the real threat to Europe. Who knows, but maybe one day in the future the Russians will help drive out radical Islam the same way it drove out the Nazis.

Author — anottakenusername


The Russians only lose in American movies

Author — Badstuber


can russia librate europe from mass imagration from 3rd world countries we hope so

Author — wood dragon


They can't even poison a spy properly😂😂

Author — LCFC 2016


Could you make a video on "Can Feminism/SJW's Invade North America"

Author — pomare kaire


Theres one flaw in this:
If Russia were to attack Europe than that'd mean more than NATO fighting against Russia. They too have allies, the biggest militaries in the world (India, China, Iran and some more) all ready to fight and eager to end the American regime, which could mean the third world war with no winners and lots of casualties.

Author — Arrisol


Russia and China don't want to go to war with the US (at the moment). They want to dismantle the US economy, thats how you win a war before it starts.

Author — RytolPiab


Russia is not even on top10 world economic power. All of their military technology is so old its laughable. Forget them invading anyone

Author — Aleksandras L

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