Moments At The Royal Wedding No One Will Forget

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Moments At The Royal Wedding No One Will Forget4.5

For the millions who tuned in to watch Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle, it was the chance to witness a real-life fairy tale as it was told. The charming prince defied expectations by wedding the American actress and divorcee, so it's probably not too surprising that some of the most memorable moments of the telecast were completely unscripted. From a few swoon-worthy gestures to some gutting emotional tributes, here are the royal wedding moments no one will forget...

Battle of the exes | 0:26
The solo act | 1:12
The scene-stealers | 2:06
Yas Queen | 2:46
Honoring the fallen | 3:40
That lip bite | 4:35
A fiery sermon | 5:16
Token of remembrance | 6:13
Owning the moment | 6:53

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Which part of the royal wedding stood out the most in your eyes?

Author — Nicki Swift


humans can never be happy for others! can so much negativity in comments. sad!

Author — Passion Eye


Why is she always introduced as a Divorcee? Being divorced doesn't define a person. Holy hell.

Author — Kaitlyn Proll


Anyone else cringed when she said: "Yas Queen"😅

Author — Zects MSP


The Queen is "Her majesty" not her highness. Meghan isn't a monarch, she's a Duchess. The Queen is the monarch.

Author — Dea


The Queen wears bright colours so her security team can spot her easily

Author — empty water bottle


It’s ‘Her Majesty’, not ‘Her Royal Highness’ - poor research

Author — Rem Remy


So glad to see that both of Diana's boys are married to women that they obviously are deeply in love with. I know she must be smiling down on them

Author — Buffi Rice


Prince Charles walked Markel down the isle. It’s tradition for the bride to walk the first 100 yards down the isle. So sorry but your info is off.

Author — Savannah Robb


Just to point out Megan is not a Monarch. That word is given to say for example ' The Queen' or Prince Charles when he becomes King etc

Nor is she a Princess as she was not born into the Royal family.



The preacher totally thought it was HIS wedding. He milked his "moment" for all it was worth. A tasteful, elegant wedding became cheesy Hollywood overkill; that said, I cried with laughter at the reactions of those attending and I thank him for giving me the best laugh I've had all year!

Author — Sarah Wilks


I can see Kate is going to be a right queen.

Author — SeanScot36


She looked amazing .Harry obviously loves her. I think they are a good match .God bless them

Author — Rachel Hudson


I thought the Reverend's speech was a little too much for what and where it was. I sensed the guests were maybe a bit, uncomfortable? I was. Still it was a beautiful wedding.

Author — Michelle Lopez


The American bishop was horrid. The speech comprised of melodramatic sentence fragments randomly joined together.

Author — R W


The wedding was a disaster. Harry brought the Royals to lower level.

Author — mischa1880


The sermon was ridiculous, it wasn't suitable for a wedding, it was typical American religious over the top nonsense. Rev Curry was attempting to bring that kind of silliness over to the UK and grasp some world fame, don't kid yourself otherwise. Apart from him the wedding was beautiful, the Gospel choir was amazing as was the solo cellist and I watched it on CNN as i was on vacation in the US and I loved anderson Cooper melting with joy as he got a wave from the happy couple when they went past him in the carriage.

Author — Kiskaloo


I think so media should stop calling her divorcey. Getting a divorce or giving a divorce is not a sin. We dont know what she was facing in her life. And everyone has a right to move on and deserve better in their life. God has already written her destiny and his plans are better.

Author — hafsa shafique


What I don't love about the bride is that she idolized Diana and followed the royal family through the years, but on her firstdate with Harry, asked "So, what do you do for a living?" Oh, the fakery!

Author — Lisa T-Wright


So much hate in the comments lord, I wish them happiness and love tons of kids and to rely on each other because this world can be so harsh!

Author — Latoya Ferguson

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